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finest figures from Germany! porcelain dolls with joints portrait dolls workshops and classes sculpting tutorials on cd-rom each doll is handsculpted! Nice to meet you! You are looking fine!
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Lifelike expressions
The porcelain dolls can act like real humans because of
the multiple joints of the porcelain figures. There are 14 joints for children and adults, and for babies up to 8 joints. The bodies are sculpted individually for each doll without any molds to take credit of the different proportions depending on age and size. Together with the joints the dolls can really "live" in the dollshouse.

As the dolls are made from finest bisquit porcelain they will virtually last forever. The skin shading and painted features are painted with porcelain paint and fired at high temperatures.

Precious one of a kinds
All dolls are one of a kinds, depending on the way they are made. Every face, limb, leg... is sculpted individually for one doll. So every doll gets its own personality and charisma.
Each doll is signed by the artist.

Perfect in scale
The anatomic proportions were scaled down and are used as a chart to make sure that each individual doll is in scale, in dollshouse scale. Each doll is made in 1/12 scale with all details in the right size. So the little people fit perfectly in any dollshouse scene.

winner of the Max-Oscar-Arnold-Kunstpreis 2007 (Art doll award )
+ Lifelike expressions !
+ Durable !
+ Precious one of a kinds !
+ Perfect in scale !
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