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finest figures from Germany! porcelain dolls with joints portrait dolls workshops and classes sculpting tutorials on cd-rom each doll is handsculpted! Nice to meet you! You are looking fine!
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Servus! Hello!
- sculpting class on CD-Rom
A sleeping baby

The ideal workshop for beginners!
You will sculpt a sleeping baby from oven hardening clay with a solid body. The workshop CD-Rom is filled with lots of detailed photos which can be enlarged to get all the details.
Every step is explained and you will receive many hints.
The box not only contains this fabulous CD-Rom, but everything
you need to start sculpting right away - all materials

1x data medium cdrom 1x paint brush 1x modelling material 1x vaseline fine
1x toothpick 1x scalpel 1x cotton swab 1x pin
1x sculpting tool 1x oil paint red 1x oil paint brown 1x knitting needle thin
1x oil paint skin 1x glue 1x polyester filling 1x knitting needle thick
So ein Baby können Sie modellieren!
You will need:
1x computer to play the cdrom(Adobe PDF); 1x printer; 1x regulated baking oven (266°F)
1x smooth pad for sculpting (e.g. glass top)
Gross price:
Sculpting kit sleeping baby
36,- EUR incl. packing & shipping