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Daniela Kiefhaber

Walnut surprises

Tiny dolls that live in a hinged walnut shell, together with some cute accessoires Inspired by antique pieces

Sleepy Todd

My new baby doll is complete. The sleepy toddler is dressed in a knitted jacket and trousers. Todd is waiting for you at the next IGMA Show.

Little Japanese girl

My little Japanese girl is finished❤ She is ready for the Shichi-go-san Celebration, dressed in a kimono and a hifu (vest). Her hair is adorned with kanzashi flowers made from silk. And for snacking she is holding a taiyaki, a… Weiterlesen →

WiP – new baby doll

A new work in progress – I’m sculpting a new baby doll for the IGMA show in Hartford/ USA The finished and dressed baby is already sold, but it gives you an idea how the finished cutie pie will look… Weiterlesen →

Ventroquilist and his dummy

I always wanted to do a ventroquilist and his dummy – but as I wanted it to be special, I made my dummy with a special feature nose: it lights up, when you pull the ring which moves the jaw… Weiterlesen →

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