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Walnut surprises

Tiny dolls that live in a hinged walnut shell, together with some cute accessoires Inspired by antique pieces

Gardening gloves

Even miniature roses have thorns. Maybe only these ones are missing from your perfect miniature garden scene?

Mariella is looking forward…

… to meet you at the Guild Show in Hardford Connecticut! See you there!

Sleepy Todd

My new baby doll is complete. The sleepy toddler is dressed in a knitted jacket and trousers. Todd is waiting for you at the next IGMA Show.

Little Japanese girl

My little Japanese girl is finished❤ She is ready for the Shichi-go-san Celebration, dressed in a kimono and a hifu (vest). Her hair is adorned with kanzashi flowers made from silk. And for snacking she is holding a taiyaki, a… Weiterlesen →

WiP – new baby doll

A new work in progress – I’m sculpting a new baby doll for the IGMA show in Hartford/ USA The finished and dressed baby is already sold, but it gives you an idea how the finished cutie pie will look… Weiterlesen →

Ventroquilist and his dummy

I always wanted to do a ventroquilist and his dummy – but as I wanted it to be special, I made my dummy with a special feature nose: it lights up, when you pull the ring which moves the jaw… Weiterlesen →

Handschuhe in 1 : 12

Ein anderes Projekt neben meinen Miniaturpuppen ist zur Zeit – Handschuhe für Puppenhauspuppen. Alle meine Handschuhe fertige ich nach historischen Vorbildern. Begonnen in der Byzanz über die Tudor- und Elisabethanische Epoche hin zu den Zwanzigern. Aber auch moderne wie das… Weiterlesen →

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