Movable porcelain dolls for your dollshouse

  • The Sculpting: Each body part is sculpted individually in a high quality porcelain clay considering the correct body proportions and scale.Some doll pieces
  • The Drying: the pieces dry slowly at room temperatur. After drying further details are added.
  • The Soft Firing: The porcelain pieces are fired fort he first time at 1292°F. Afterwards they are sanded and more details are added.
  • The Bisque Firing: At over 2.192°F the clay melts and turns into porcelain, a very durable and precious material.A doll head is painted
  • The Polishing: With the help of sanding sponges the surface is sanded and sealed.
  • The Painting and Firing: The china paint is applied in glazes and is fired into the surface. Each color has their own ideal temperature and required separate or multiple firings.
  • The Joining: All body parts are put together with the help of wires and a strong elastic.
  • The dressing: Each doll is dressed in their own and one of a kind gown, using the finest materials available.

    Victoria in a negligee

    Precious OOAK Dolls


Daniela Kiefhaber